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Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts

Seven thousand school children participate in the 1st Edition of Ecological Foods in schools.

Alimentación saludable con productos ecológicos frescos, Ecological Cold Cuts


Four objectives were established for this first experience: offer a healthy diet featuring fresh ecological and seasonal products in the school canteen; foster environmental education both among the children and the teachers and parents; maximise respect towards environmental conservation; and encourage rural development through consumption of locally-produced ecological foods. All of the objectives have been viewed positively by the CPAER: they have been fulfilled through different activities undertaken through the school year and have involved the whole educational community.

One of the key points in this project was the inclusion of ecological foods in the menu at canteens in 68 schools in La Rioja, where ecological pears and apples were given out as desserts so as to offer the children balanced meals and put ecological foods on their tables. At the same time, in the classrooms a programme was undertaken with schoolchildren in the third and fourth years of Primary at twenty schools: within the Nature Studies course, they were educated about ecological diets through didactic units complemented with talks from CPAER personnel, kitchen workshops, writing and drawing contests, and trips to agro-ecological holdings in La Rioja - such as Embutidos Luis Gil in Ocón and Almazara Hejul in Galilea. These trips were a way of bringing the schoolchildren face to face with the ecological food production process, to see firsthand respect towards the environment in action and the possibilities of a sector that is on the rise in La Rioja.

Source: CPAER.

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