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Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
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Ecological chistorra

Ecological chistorra, Ecological Cold Cuts

Ecological pork (ham, belly and shoulder), garlic, pepper and salt.

Weight: 200 g.

Packaged: Vacío.

Curing: 10 díaa.

Preparation: Chorizo is the companys star product and the starting point for the project. It features a simple recipe but the ecological meat from our pigs provides great nuances, aromas and flavours.

Very good visual presentation in terms of shape, size and diameter. Good fat marbling and very attractive colour.
Good clean, clear aromatic intensity, with elegant smoky hints and spicy notes in good combination with the meaty flavours.
Firm texture but easily chewed, melt-in-the-mouth with balanced spiciness, which leads to a very pleasant finish. Notably strong flavour with good salt content for a mass-market product. Great character and aromatic-gustatory strength.

(Leading ecological chorizo according to the Spanish Union of Tasters)


  • Quality certificates - Ecological agriculture, Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
  • Quality certificates - La Rioja Artisans, Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
  • Quality certificates - La Rioja biosphere reserve, Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
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