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Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
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Ecological fuet

Ecological fuet, Ecological Cold Cuts

Ecological pork (ham, belly and shoulder), ground white pepper, black peppercorn and salt.

Weight: 120 g.

Packaged: Vacío.

Curing: Varía de 10 a 70 días dependiendo de la variedad y presentación.

Preparation: Based on a simple recipe but the ecological meat of our pigs fills it with nuances, aromas and flavours.

Well-conformed, bonded gut and perfect colouring. Good marbling and the fat is properly linked to the lean meat. There is predominant tone in the lean meat and sun-kissed white in the fat, which is well-distributed in percentages and uniform texture.
Aroma and taste:
Pleasant, persistent aromas. Excellent salt content, slightly low. Smooth taste, pleasant, with complex peppery notes in the aftertaste. Very consistent texture, though it is notably juicy.


  • Quality certificates - Ecological agriculture, Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
  • Quality certificates - La Rioja Artisans, Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
  • Quality certificates - La Rioja biosphere reserve, Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
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