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Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
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Ecological pâté

Ecological pâté, Ecological Cold Cuts

Ecological pork liver and fat, dessert wine, salt and nutmeg.

Weight: 200 g.

Packaged: Lata 200 g.

Curing: Cocción en crudo.

Preparation: The fresh liver and fat are chosen and minced. The mince is then marinaded in spices and the salt content adjusted. The tins are then filled, cooked in the autoclave, cleaned and labelled.

Lumpy, with good consistency though supple and easy to spread and shred. Delicate light tones. Good distribution of constituent parts; lightly covered in an external fatty layer.
Aroma and taste:
Pleasant, strong taste, excellent salt content. Intense flavour with hints of spice. Very consistent texture, it is notably juicy. Smooth and easy to spread.


  • Quality certificates - Ecological agriculture, Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
  • Quality certificates - La Rioja Artisans, Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
  • Quality certificates - La Rioja biosphere reserve, Luis Gil: Ecological Cold Cuts
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