Hello! We are the Gil family, fourth generation of ranchers.

We make organic meats, sausages and hams from our own organic livestock of Duroc pigs raised in freedom on our 'El Encinar' farm, in the Ocón Valley (La Rioja).

In our family, love and respect for animals and the environment, the importance of effort, perseverance... are values ​​that have been transmitted from generation to generation.

We enjoy and live our ecological agriculture and livestock project with passion. It is our way of life, our way of sharing, of feeding ourselves, of building a better future for all.

Discover the history of our family.


First generation

In the 1920s, great-grandmother María, alone and in charge of four children, began to raise livestock, and deliver homemade meat and sausages to the town's families.


Second generation

Grandpa Luis took the sheep out to graze before going to school and helped in the butcher shop since he was a child. In the 1950s, when he married, he set up the family butcher shop at its current location. Grandma Rosi worked in the butcher shop while he was in charge of caring for and buying and selling livestock.


Third generation

In the 80s, Luis Gil Jr. decided to start a business and started the sausage production and meat cutting factory while his wife Marisa took charge of the butcher shop. Our artisanal sausages are beginning to be marketed in La Rioja and other regions.



In 2003 we began our ecological livestock project in 'El Encinar de Ocón' with the raising of 69 pigs. Today about 1,000 pigs are gestated, born and grow each year on our farm. Since 2010 we have made 90% of the feed they are fed with our own organically farmed cereal.

From this livestock farm we produce and market our fresh meat and natural organic sausages, free of additives and genetically modified organisms. Suitable for celiac and lactose intolerant people.