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Our project is, ultimately, our way of life. We do not make organic sausages because it is fashionable, we have been doing it for many years. Do you want to prove it? Hit play!


Come and learn more about our Duroc pig breeding project using the organic farming method in the Ocón Valley, in La Rioja, in the heart of the World Biosphere Reserve.
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Families, groups of friends…

  • cerdito 2.5 hours
  • cerdito Guided tour of our organic livestock farm
  • cerdito Explanation of the product manufacturing phase
  • cerdito Organic sausage tasting

Shcedules and prices

15€/ persona
€20/person weekend
Visiting schedule:
M-D: 9.00, 11.30, 15.00; 17.30
V-D: 9.00, 11.30
Children under 3 years free
Minimum group: 20pax



Schools, institutes, training degrees...

  • cerdito 1.5 hours
  • cerdito Guided tour of our organic livestock farm
  • cerdito Explanation of the product manufacturing phase

Shcedules and prices

5€/ persona
Visiting schedule:
L-V: 9.00, 11.30, 15.00; 17.30


rural weekend

An authentic experience in the Ocón Valley

An authentic experience of gastronomic, rural and sustainable tourism in the Ocón Valley.

A unique flour mill in the North of Spain, wine tourism, sustainable agriculture projects, apitourism...

Enjoy the hospitality of the Valley, and discover the charm and magic of this area known as Riojan Tuscany in a unique weekend.

Virtual visit

We invite you to learn with us about the entire process of our project. From raising our happy piglets in 'El Encinar' in Ocón to the step-by-step preparation of our organic meats and sausages.


We show you what our day-to-day life is like in our organic livestock project and the production of eco-friendly meats and sausages in the Ocón Valley, in La Rioja, in the Plena Biosphere Reserve.

'The holm oak' of Ocón

In this video we show you how we raise our piglets in freedom, on the ecological farm 'El Encinar' in Ocón in the World Biosphere Reserve of La Rioja.

The mothers

In this video we show you what the gestation process is like for the sows that enjoy this important period in the mountains. In our ecological farm 'El Encinar' in Ocón, in the heart of the La Rioja World Biosphere Reserve.

First phase of adaptation to the farm

In this video we show you how the piglets, once weaned, are transferred to a park where they spend a period of adaptation to be able to continue their breeding in freedom.

First phase of organic pig breeding

In that video we show you how our piglets live their first months outdoors, enjoying contact with nature and the outdoors.

Growing organic cereal to feed our piglets

This is how we grow our organic cereal with which we then make the feed that our piglets eat.

Preparation of organic feed

Once the organic cereal from our farm has been harvested, we prepare the feed that our piglets feed on in our facilities, thus reducing the impact of our activity by not depending on external suppliers.

Feed distribution

This is how we distribute the feed we make among our piglets.

The organic olive grove of Embutidos Luis Gil

On our farm we also grow olive trees in organic farming. They are of the Arbequina variety and with the olives we make our Organic Extra Virgin Oil 'La Merendola'.
Horses help us keep the ground clean.

Welcome to our meat company

At Embutidos Luis Gil we make organic meat and sausages from our own organic livestock. We show you what the preparation process is like step by step.

Organic sausage dryer

Once made, our organic sausages mature slowly in our drying rooms until they are ready to be consumed.

Organic ham dryer

This is how our organic hams mature.

Slicing and packaging of our organic products

We package our products in different formats: lances or whole pieces and thus they are ready to distribute among our clients.


Thank you for joining us on our visit to our project for raising organic livestock and making sausages and meats that are respectful of your health and that of the planet.