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What is littering? what does this concept mean?


He littering is a term that refers to the act of intentionally throwing garbage or other waste anywhere other than a trash can or container.

This action does not depend on anyone, only the citizen himself, he is responsible for carrying out this type of action. This is where each person's education comes in, there are people who don't even think about what they are doing; They simply throw it on the ground because they have been taught it and they have always done it that way.

What consequences does littering have on society?

Greater budget in waste management

The greater the amount of garbage to be cleaned, the greater the number of people to be hired and therefore, the greater the financial expense.


People who practice littering may be sanctioned with significant fines. The amount of these varies depending on each community.

Tourism drop

Tourism is a source that generates great income in cities. The fact that a potential tourist's destination is dirty will cause him to modify his trip or change his itinerary.


The accumulation of garbage generates pests that can often cause diseases.

How can we avoid it?

Ecoembes has launched a campaign You dropped it! where it tries to raise awareness among citizens about the abandonment of waste.

Through this video, what they are looking for is to see the reactions of citizens when a person throws an object on the ground.

This initiative aims raise awareness about environmental catastrophe which is causing the abandonment of waste. The project revolves around an audiovisual piece that simulates a hidden camera, available on different social platforms, which compares the reactions of citizens to both situations.

And how would you behave if someone in front of you threw waste on the ground? will you tell us?