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Do you know how to identify an ecological product?

How to identify an ecological product

Nowadays, the consumption of organic products is increasing in our country because consumers are increasingly aware of its advantages.

Organic foods are those that get a certification, and for this they must overcome the controls of the agricultural committees of the autonomous community where they are produced or manufactured.

To identify an ecological product, You have to look at its labeling.

In the European Community, there has been a specific regulation since 2009 that regulates production and labeling of organic foods, including the protection of the terms “ecological”, “organic”, “bio”, etc. avoiding the use of these adjectives as a marketing strategy.

With this regulation, All products that have been certified must have “the euroleaf” on their labeling, a logo created by the European Commission to identify this type of products. This label certifies those packaged organic products that have been produced in one of the EU Member States and that comply with established standards.

The consumer who purchases any product with this logo is guaranteed that:
+ The product comes from organic farming.
+ 95% of the product ingredients (at least) have been produced organically.
+ The product has been produced without genetically modified organisms (GMO).
+ The product has been made without the addition of artificial substances (additives, colorings, aromas...)
+ The product has been obtained respecting the growth rate.
+ The product comes directly from the producer and is presented in a sealed container.
+ The product is certified by a control body or authority.

The ecological certification is renewed every yearTherefore, the farms receive at least one annual visit where the state of production, the farm notebooks, the products used, the nearby sources of contamination are reviewed, paying special attention to animal welfare and their diet, medicines. that are provided in case of illness, etc...

Do you now have any questions about how to identify an organic product?