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We teach you the tricks to make the perfect organic barbecue

The good weather and the opportunity to meet again in person outdoors make barbecues a perfect option to enjoy these days. We tell you in our post how to succeed at your next barbecue and make it ecological.

The meat

The first thing you have to keep in mind when organizing a barbecue is to know how many people attend and calculate an average of350 – 400 g of meat per person.

And the next thing is to choose one good quality meat, and it is ecological, this is assured. On our website you will find a lot of cuts of meat and fresh products that are delicious grilled: chorizo ​​and salchichón, bacon, ribs, prey, feather, secret, sirloin... 🤤 You already know that you can place an order with us through, sending a WhatsApp to 685 18 14 13 or calling 941 43 64 31 and we will take it directly to your home.

Leave the meat a while beforeat room temperature, preferably an hour in advance. This will help it maintain its essence and flavor and make it much juicier.

It is better to putthe salt once cooked, this way we will prevent it from drying out too much, although large pieces admit salt from the beginning.

You can add aromatic herbs, marinades, marinades and sauces…or, if you are more purist, simply enjoy the flavor of the meat without decorations, this depends on each person's taste.

The embers

The crux of the matter. There are several options:firewood, charcoal or shoots. HereIn La Rioja there is no discussion, shoots are the preferred option for the majoritysince they give the meat a special flavor and there is a reason we are on earth named after wine 😉

Of course, you must have a good number of “sheaves” because although they produce a very powerful ember, it does not last long.

If you are a newbie, the best option iscoal is the safest. It is faster to form the ember. But try to avoid conventional charcoal and spend a little more to get holm oak charcoal for example, your diners will thank you.

ThefirewoodIt is another great alternative but you must keep in mind thattakes a whileprior combustion of between 30 and 40 minutes to generate the embers.

To light the fire well you should not create a compact mountain with the fuel, but there must be gaps, sincefire needs oxygen. Use newspaper, twigs, dry pine cones, or anything that helps generate combustion to light it and avoid the typical ignition tablets that give off an unpleasant smell that can sometimes even affect the taste of the food.

Before adding the meat, wait for the embers are whitish or grayish and that there is no flame and spread them very well over the entire surface that the grill will occupy so that the meat cooks evenly. Learn to handle the embers, and dominate the fire, don't let it be the other way around!

Try not to place the grill too close to the coals.

Handle without haste

Dress me slowly because I'm in a hurry.

Be patient, wait the time necessary on each side to cook the meat well but try not to do it too much. It is always better to fall short than to eat a piece of meat that is like a shoe. If it is too undercooked you can pass it again, but if it is overcooked and dry, there is no going back.

Don't make it dizzy and try to turn it over just once.

The most expert grillers say that the meat has to be caramelized.

Security before everything

Choose aSafe siteto make your barbecue and respect the rules. Always outdoors and in places where it is allowed.

Locate your barbecue based on thedirection of the wind, preventing a strong wind on the fire from raising sparks.

Never use alcohol or gasoline to light the barbecue andnever leave the fire unattended! A spark, no matter how small, can fly and trigger a catastrophe. You must to be responsible first of all.

When you finish cooking make sureput out the embers well. It is best to cover the barbecue to smother the fire and ensure that it is well extinguished.

If it does not have a lid, you will have to wait for it to go out slowly and make sure this is done before cleaning the coals.

Clean the grill wellwith a metal scouring pad when it is still warm and this will make it easier to remove any food remains that have adhered.

And this is the basics. Accompany the meat with a good salad or some grilled vegetables and enjoy!

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