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What are “kilometer 0 foods”?

food kilometer 0

Most products that we can find in supermarkets travel thousands of kilometers to reach their destination.

In Luis Gil We are committed to local consumption, having as a reference the “From the field to the table” model with which we promote the consumption of kilometer 0 foods. Products made in an artisanal and ecological way by local producers.

Why do kilometer 0 foods promote sustainable eating?

  • The kilometer 0 philosophy preserve the environment because these foods reduce the ecological footprint that comes with handling, packaging and transporting raw materials thousands of kilometers.
  • They encourage the economy and local development by consuming products and raw materials from the closest environment.
  • They prevent the extinction of certain native breeds that cease to be used due to the invasion of products from other places.
  • Food consumption kilometer 0 is synonymous with healthy eating. These foods retain all their nutritional properties. They are 100% natural products free of any chemical substances, GMOs, etc.
  • Purchasing kilometer 0 food allows us to know what we consume. That is to say, we know the origin of the products and the production methods.
  • Food kilometer 0 They are cheaper because there are no intermediaries marketing, transportation and distribution.

Promoting the consumption of kilometer 0 food is promoting the consumption of ecological, artisanal and natural products in addition to promoting the economy and development of rural areas and the maintenance of native breeds.

And you, do you join the kilometer 0 food philosophy?

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